Hate to Love You


Day In and Day Out:

How The Plot Thickens

July hands You the image of a soft bear and You question the sensitivity of Your virtual reality which suggests You need something from a former life to cuddle, after a late night of H.P. Lovecraft. Neil maintains, parody is at the very least, suggestive of life. If the work was dead, there would be … More

Speak Truth to Power (Ladies Nite)

July set off fireworks around You, not as many as prior years, growing less and less every year, like the vague memory of Benjamin Buttons and Cate Blanchette’s ass after traveling the length of her legs, her intimacy distilled through a camera lens, for You. It doesn’t matter how many hours the crew spent on … More

Free Advice

June returns You to the way best suited to Your nature. You know any victory achieved by taking Your conflict to the bitter end, is no victory at all, inviting endless attacks on Your virtue. The young bulls horns are growing. They aren’t yet dangerous. June asks if You know how long it takes to … More