Hate to Love You


Day In and Day Out:

What Can Make You Quiet

July can work towards but can not force a state of joy. You are offered a free book and you accept the gift, open to learning about something you do not know. The author writes about going to a holy place to pray down her frustration and anger, but she realizes she has stepped in … More

Let Them Eat Crab Cakes

July is the right cook who can create something out of crumbs and make it taste sublime. July is, If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. July is how you can have too many cooks in the kitchen. July is 24 inch stew. July is Gumbo. July is Crab Cakes. You … More

The Cats Meow…

June waits for the old man’s blueberries to ripen. His cat meows at you in a series of long whiney cries of hello and help me as it wearily looks for places to get down, a back and forth hesitation, helpless circles chasing a fluffy mass and mess of tail, and more calls to wait. … More